Meet Joe Leinweber Jr

Joe is running for the U.S. Congress Tennessee 2nd District seat as an Independent
Constitutional Conservative. He has been a lifetime supporter of conservative values and was a
dedicated Republican. But in the last few years, Joe has seen the Republican party place more
emphasis on the party over the people and abandoning its' core principles for power. Joe set forth
last year to educate and inform folks of the growing problem we face in the nation. Our essential
freedoms and liberties are being eroded by career politicians that have placed themselves above
the law and have violated their constitutional oath, often circumventing and negating the
mandates of the Constitution.

Joe served in the US Air Force from 1972 to 1976 and returned to active duty in the USAF in
1980, then retired in 1995. He believes that America’s greatness comes from its' people and not
from its' government or those that fill those offices.

Joe is concerned that
Our Government is Out of Control:

  • It is too large and violates the mandate of the founders.
  • Is too intrusive in our every day lives.
  • Is no longer a tax and spend government but a spend and tax government with no regard
    for the hard working Americans that make their very existence possible.
  • The current income tax system is insane. States need to control the money and provide
    funding to the federal government for specific use within the powers the Congress has for
  • Joe firmly believes that the founding fathers knew exactly what could happen and gave us,
    the people, the mechanism to control the government but only if we stayed engaged in its
    activities and demand accountability.
  • Securing our sovereign nation is first and foremost along with an independence reminiscent
    of the pioneers that built this nation that can be the only path to insuring sustainable
    national security and guaranteeing Americans the freedom so many have shed their blood
  • The State is the higher authority in so far as its own business and that of its citizens and its
    sovereignty must not and cannot be circumvented by legal interpretations of the legislative
    body of the federal government to meet the agendas of a political party, special interests or
    individual agendas.

These are just a few of Joe's concerns as he takes on this effort to represent the people.

Joe has earned degrees in Industrial Management Technology and a Bachelor of Science in
Political Science and American Government. He has also completed graduate studies in
International Relations and National Security and 24 graduate hours in Adult Education. Joe had
hoped to teach at the junior or community college level. But seeing the direction our government
is going, and after long discussions and consideration, he and his wife Jan decided Joe would run
for Congress with the hope of affecting real change in Washington and a return to the
Constitutional foundation of the founders.

A long time friend, fellow veteran and confidant, Retired US Air Force MSgt Frank Campbell said;
“Joe, Lord knows we need honest, loyal, committed, dedicated and moral representatives in the
halls of congress who actually say what they mean and mean what they say. You fit that bill. I
have always respected, admired and trust you implicitly. I know you will do the State of Tennessee
and its people right as well as the country. I will pray that you win the seat and with Jan by your
side, you will. God Bless you both and may you both prosper in the new year, your friend always.”
Joe Leinweber Jr
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