Individuals and families frequently contact us wondering if the American Hairless Terrier
(AHT) is the "right dog" for them. Oftentimes, known allergies of one or more family members
to dogs is an issue to be considered. Although the AHT has been "the answer" for many
allergy sufferers, there is no guarantee that a lack of hair will equate to a complete lack of
allergies. It is important to note that allergies to dogs (and other animals) are primarily due to
proteins present in the animal's saliva, dander and urine. These known allergens may
be minimized in a hairless breed, but they are still present. PLEASE keep in
mind that there are, without a doubt, people who are allergic to AHT's.  

Given that the health and well-being of all (the individual/family and the dog)
should be of primary importance, it is recommended that an allergy-test
(exposure of the normally affected individual to an AHT) is conducted
before making any decision with regards to obtaining an AHT. The results of
bringing a puppy/dog home and finding out after the fact that allergies are too
much to live with can be heartbreaking (for both the individuals and the dog).
Please do the legwork first in an attempt to avoid such situations.

American Hairless Terrier Association
Location of Families Willing to Assist w/ Allergy Testing

The  America Hairless Terrier Association (UKC affiliate) have asked for volunteers from  
present AHT owners to assist others in this testing. These volunteers are located throughout
the United States, Canada and Europe.

Note: The volunteers are in no way compensated by the AHTA for their time and effort and
are doing so of their own free will and out of the goodness of their hearts. Please keep this
in mind when setting up and completing your allergy tests.

It should also be understood that, although the AHTA provides a means for individuals to
contact AHT owners to schedule "allergy trials" and meet the dogs, the AHTA is in NO way
responsible for any interactions resulting from providing a point of contact.

If you are interested in contacting an individual in a location, please send us an email at and
include your name, location, contact info (preferred phone and/or email address) and the
location that you think will work best for you to meet. We will then attempt to put you in
contact with the individual closest to the location you chose.
American Hairless Terriers
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