Bailey at 4 months old.
UKC / AKC-FSS Registered
Tri-color, Button ear
Standard  Size

Birthdate November 1, 2000
Bailey is AMAZING!

At 4 months old, Bailey demonstrated his courage and reasoning ability.
His first supervised trip to the creek left me awestruck. I pitched a stick in
the creek and it hung on a stump. Bailey never took his eye off it. I could
see a deep thought process taking place.

He walked out on a tree growing over the creek and leaped to a small
grassy area, reached out and grabbed the end of the stick. He brought it
to me by water way. OK...let's see if this is for real, so I pitched the stick
back onto the grassy island. Bailey swam this time and retrieved it. I was
so proud of him. And he was proud, too, as he strutted around. You can
tell when a dog's confidence is up.  
When we returned to the house my huband, Bill, was on a ladder
painting. I excitedly told him about Bailey. As Bill came down off the
ladder he replied in a stoical manner, "Oh really?" I had another idea! I
will prove to him that this dog is smart and courageous...

I picked up a walnut and showed it to Bailey. Of course he wanted it! I
put it on the third step of the ladder. He was thinking. Next he was
testing the ladder. I steady it. Slowly he balances his body, paw by
paw...step by step. Tah-Dah! He got the walnut. Applaud!
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Bailey in a natural stack.
We walked further into the woods with Petie,
his dad. Now, Petie is one heck of a hunter.
When Petie hit on a scent, Bailey was right
there learning from dad. They located a
disoriented mole out of its' hole. Need I say

By now Bailey's ego was soaring. Time for
another creek test! We were at a deeper,
swifter area. I threw a stick up-creek, so if
Bailey got in trouble he would float by me
and I could rescue him. With no thought at
all he bailed in the creek and again retrieved
to me. I smiled and shook my head.
GRCH RaganRat Legend of Zorro
(Bailey's son)
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