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The first step in acquiring a puppy is to fill-out the Puppy Application. By taking this first
step, it tells me you’re seriously looking for a puppy. It allows me to learn more about your
family and your desire for a new companion. It’s important for me to understand your family
dynamics in order to match the right puppy (personality) to your family. After I review your
application, a phone interview is scheduled. Not only do I want to ask you questions, I
expect to be asked questions. When you click on this
Puppy Application link and it doesn't
take you to our form, please
email me and I will send you an application by email.

Once approved for a RaganRat Terrier puppy, I will request a deposit. No puppy is
considered sold until a deposit is received. Puppies will be placed on a three-day-hold to
allow time for the deposit to arrive if snail mailed. Or you can pay by credit card through
Paypal. I understand you may need to talk to family members before committing to this
large responsibility, but I
will not hold a puppy without a deposit. Once I reserve a
puppy for you I may turn away other potential families, therefore the deposit is non-
unless something happened to a puppy (never has) while in my care.

You will choose your puppy after I have made my selections of show prospects. I do not
make decisions by wet picks. My selection process
begins when puppies are six weeks old
and continues until they are eight weeks old, or older. When I offer a puppy for adoption, I
have already made my selection(s) for the puppy(s) I am keeping.

NOTE: I may offer my pick Show puppy to the right home. If you're a Junior
Handler, a newbie, or a breeder who's philosophies reflect mine,
contact me for

Puppies are offered for adoption in order of deposit received. Show/breeding puppies are
selected first from each litter. I will place quality puppies in companion homes, however
“companion pet” does not mean lesser quality.  Actually, I have placed show quality
puppies in pet homes because there was not a suitable show home available, or, I felt the
temperament of the puppy was not conducive for the rigors of the show world, but would
otherwise make a perfect companion. It’s important for my puppies to get into a quality
home with a responsible owner where it will be loved and cherished for a lifetime.

My dog breedings are always with the intent to keep a puppy, or two, for my show/breeding
program. I always reserve the right to hold first pick male(s) and female(s). Customer
deposit is ALWAYS with the understanding I may keep a puppy from any given litter. Our
terrier program is a passion, NOT a business; I retain the right to refuse a puppy to any
person (and have), for any reason, at any time.

  • COMPANION PUPPY - Companion puppies are sold with a spay/neuter agreement.
    Puppy registration papers are held until proof of surgery is submitted to me from
    your veterinarian. The agreement states you will have your puppy altered before 6
    months of age. An Altered puppy makes a better companion. You may still enter
    performance competitions and/or the new conformation competition UKC offers for
    ALTERED dogs.

  • SHOW/BREEDING PUPPY – I own the right to reserve any puppy from any litter,
    refuse to place any puppy, and place puppies only when the following conditions are
  • 1) Show/Breeding quality puppies are sold on a Co-Own basis with the breeder - Me.
  • 2) Dog must be shown and titled in a minimum of one venue, either AKC or UKC
    conformation or performance event.
  • 3) It is important that our puppies live well-balanced lives and are part of a family,
    therefore I won’t place dogs in homes with commercial breeders who have puppies
    for sale at all times.
  • 4) I won’t place dogs with breeders, or agents of breeders, who are:
            a.) unethical, dishonest, and known to have falsified pedigrees
            b.) puppy millers
            c.) making a living by producing/selling dogs
            d.) not in good standing with any Rat Terrier registry (AKC, NRTA, UKC, etc)
            e.) not in good standing with any American Hairless Terrier registry
  • 5) Breeders, or breeders-to-be, must have a genuine love of the breed with a
    driving desire to make a positive impact on the breed by continuing improvement in  
    structure and movement, health, temperament and breed type.

Companion puppy price is less than a Show/Breeding prospect. Contact me for details.
Prices include Socialization, Desensitization, Puppy Packet, Vaccines, Dewormings, Full
Health Guarantee, Litter Box Training, UKC and AKC Registration where applicable.  

Anyone who does not wish to drive or fly-in to pick up their puppy may have the puppy
shipped via Delta airlines. I will make all the arrangements for you. I ship from McGhee
Tyson, Knoxville, Tennessee. Puppies must be 8 weeks, or older, to fly and weather
conditions must be just right, not too hot, not too cold.

Shipping costs are for a flat fee of $350.00, which includes airline ticket, crate,
shipping kit, transport to airport and Interstate Travel Certificate required by airlines.

If you choose to fly-in and pick up your puppy to carry-on a return flight, when making your
reservation, mention you are flying with your 8+ week old puppy, under 10 pounds. Tell
them you will have a health certificate. Purchase an “airline approved”
soft mesh carry bag
for pets
that fits under the airline seat. Sherpa is an airline approved, top brand bag.
Petco or Petsmart should carry this bag. Purchase the largest bag available (that fits
under the airline seat) so your puppy may use it as an adult. Also bring baby wipes, paper
towels for accidents, pet toys, bottled spring water. I can pick you up at the airport if you
have a layover and not a quick turn-around.

Sometimes we’re able to coordinate delivery of a puppy. We travel to dog shows and other
places and will try to help you get your puppy without shipping it on an airplane. Having
said that, I have shipped numerous puppies through the years with good results.
Deposits and Pricing
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